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9/11 Memorial


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Do not miss this site if you come to NYC. What more can be said about one of our nation's most sacred places in America, if not the planet. Amongst the tall buildings of lower Manhattan and Liberty Square, lie two peaceful waterfall pools that signify the memories and spirit of American lives taken too soon. There is a calm here, as if a God watches over it. The engraved names, marble perimeters, endless waterfalls, vast depths, quiet whispers, footsteps and echos of the pillars that once stood mighty to remind the world of US strength and dignity, keep guard on the lives that once were thriving our financial district impacting the globe. It a place to pray, to reflect, to explore museums and ponder. Whether alone, coupled or family, this coordinate on earth deserves our visits, our reflections and our respect. God Bless those lives.



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