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Sydney Jewish Museum


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The Sydney Jewish Museum is a history museum in Sydney, Australia, which documents the Holocaust, the history of the Jewish people in Australia, and explores human rights issues in Australia. The museum is an institution that collects and preserves historic objects, commemorates and educates, with a mission to challenge visitors’ perceptions of morality, social justice, democracy and human rights. The Sydney Jewish Museum is located at 148 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst, and is housed in the historic Maccabean Hall, which was built to commemorate Jewish men and women from New South Wales who served in World War I. This building, which was formally opened on Armistice Day 1923 by Sir John Monash, has long been a hub of Jewish life in Sydney and was judged an appropriate site for the Sydney Jewish Museum.26 years since its inception, the Museum continues to give a voice to the victims of the Holocaust so their stories can start conversations and inspire change. The Sydney Jewish Museum’s tagline, “Where history has a voice”, distills the origins of the Museum and its mission that continues to carry it forward into the future. The objects within the collection and on display in the Museum’s exhibitions tell the stories of their owners and contribute to the narratives that the Museum tells within its walls. Testimony, accessible digitally and face-to-face, anchors the objects in the display cases to real world events, and gives life and narrative to history.


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