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Edo-Tokyo Museum


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We came here immediately following a morning at the Imperial Palace grounds. I recommend doing the exact same thing. After standing in the old fortifications and gardens that morning, you get to learn about their history in depth at the museum later on. It really adds to the experience of both locations. The museum has most exhibits in Japanese with English text beside it. Some even have a tablet with about 10 other languages to choose from. My only qualm with the whole place was the heat and the rest of the exhibits. It was about 75-78 degrees inside, which was a little warmer than outside. A little stuffy. Also, most of the exhibits were well-described in English, however some large displays and maps were only in Japanese. It would be nice for those to be labeled like the rest so that everything in the museum could be read. A quick fix for this is to request a language guide. They are free volunteers and all you need to do is ask for one and they will follow you around and answer any questions in your language. Unfortunately, the volunteers don’t have set working schedules so you might not get one. Overall, a great place with a wealth of good information about the city and it’s history.

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