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Short on time, we didn’t particularly get a chance to interact with the people, but staying in those tribal accommodations with the mod cons was a wonderful experience. Our rooms were in the Zulu enclave, with beehive style huts called iQukwane with straw roofs. We were five adults and two kids, so between us, we had three rooms, one of which had a nice outdoor bath. We strolled around early in the morning before getting ready to get the day going in a relatively timely manner. The meals were meat centric, so we stayed away from eating dinner there, but had a very nice breakfast next morning, full of breads, fresh baked muffins, croissants better than a lot of places in the US, whole grains, muesli, fruits, jams, juice, coffee and tea. We tried their traditional rusk, which was corn/ cornmeal, we were told. More photos and details on the blog - thevegetarianvoyager[dot]com

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