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I give 5, but with a reserve and constructive critic. I wanted to be surprised and I was. The menu is perfect: small, the ingredients are of good quality, there is a research, it's light and delicious. I would visit the restaurant again. Constructive critics: 1. my main dish (fish) arrived a bit cold, my husband's plate( sweetbread) arrived perfectly cooked, delicious and hot which is important for sweet bread. I understood that my fish was sacrificed for the sake of sweetbreads. 2. The quantity of delicious sauce was not enough for the piece of fish I had, it finished right in the middle. 3. I wanted to ask for some more of this delicious sauce but after taking into consideration my sign, I was forgotten and finished my fish as it was. 4. What is a piece of salitape doing on a light( possibly holding it)? Attention to detail is very important, you should consider to replace the light if it's broken.

Maria Lecoultre


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