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Al Jawahar Restaurant


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One pertinent question a food blogger is often been asked, which one is better, Al Jawahar or Karim's? Well, i think this question shouldn't bother you since you are not to be disappointed choosing one over the other. But one thing that I noticed yesterday that Al Jawahar serves better Mutton Korma. The Mutton pieces were finely marinated. The rich spices floating inside the meat proves to be very authentic Mutton Korma recipe. Cinnamon, cardamon, black pepper, yogurt and some secret spices reach your satiate your taste buds divinely. The thick gravy with oil floating on the top might look very unhealthy to eat but anything this is the authenticity of Mutton Korma. Mutton is soft and delectable. Quantity is lesser than Karim's but it owns distinction in the recipe of Mutton Korma. Thanks Al Jawahar!

Gaurav Raj


+91 70656 73126

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