Video Based Trip Planner

SeeVoov offers a novel trip planning experience based on videos watching. Using the unique videos tagging technology we developed, SeeVoov creates a one of a kind location based videos and images database that feeds the various consumer products we offer.

Under The Hood

SeeVoov’s technology is based on an intelligent machine learning system that automatically tags videos based on image analysis (Deep Learning).

The system searches the web for relevant videos based on specific rules (crawler). Those videos are then entered into the company algorithm that automatically identifies the locations shown on videos, collects travelers’ reviews, pictures, basic information, and exact location and stores the data in the company’s database. The data collected on the processed videos feeds the system again after review and approval by a travel expert, which improves the system accuracy. The system is highly scalable, and can tag videos rapidly, and automatically.

Our Partners

The Team

SeeVoov is a young and innovative startup company located at Park Hamada Rehovot. BeenThere is made up of Research, Engineering and Business personal who create and deliver all aspects of our products and technology.

Asaf Toker

Asaf Toker

Founder, CEO

Dr. Toker is a certified medical doctor, who also holds extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of high-tech development and entrepreneurship. previously, Asaf was the VP of Business Development for Capital Point Ltd, an investment group that invests in early stage medical device and biotechnology companies. Asaf travels a lot – the number of destinations he visited is countless.

Yosi Golan

Yosi Golan

Founder, CTO

Yosi leads the development efforts at SeeVoov. He has 10 years of server side development and management experience on on his past, and passion for urban travel.

Assaf Meron

Assaf Meron

Graphic Designer

Assaf specialize in brand identity, digital user interfaces and user experiences, mobile apps and website design. With over ten years of experience in New York’s and Israel’s leading advertising and design agencies, Assaf have created projects that run the gamut of the design industry for clients huge, large and small in almost every field of business.

Talking About Us