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Superb customer service and excellent food! My wife and I were on the last day of our honeymoon in Ηρακλειο and a local recommended the Seven Seas (θαλασσες). We decided to make it our last stop before heading to the airport and walked with our cases from the centre of the city. I wouldn't recommend walking long distances with bags in the summer heat but I'm glad we made it to the hill top. 7 θάλασσες was the best restaurant we experienced while in Κρήτη; the atmosphere was serene and the food was sublime but we were graced most of all by Yannis! Yannis made our afternoon relaxed and took care of everything. His recommendations for food and wine were magnificent and he conversed in English with aplomb. He even booked us a taxi to the airport- now this may seem normal to you, but he went the extra mile. Yannis had the driver drop us off at a quiet beach close to the airport, where we spent our remaining time, and then he had him return just before our flight to take us to the terminal... all this for less than €40. This made our last day in Κρήτη so easy and when restaurants take such care of their customers they receive their reward! :)

Benihana Bobsicle


+30 281 034 2945

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