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La Droguerie


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The credit card system wasn’t working on the day I visited, so make sure you have Euros when visiting. The closest ATM did not appear to be all that close. There were maybe 5 people ahead of us and we ended up waiting a long time. There’s only one person making the crepes, so patience is key when visiting. I ordered the Vegetarian and the Beurre, Sucre et Citron (butter, sugar and lemon). The vegetarian was good and cooked nicely. If it had a bit more cheese, it would have been great. The sweet crepe was flimsy and I couldn’t taste the sugar or lemon. When I paid, the owner/crepe maker cheated me on my change. Being in a foreign country, I figured it was best to let it slide. I knew this was a possibility because other reviewers had stated they were cheated also. My suggestion is to use the smallest bill possible that’s closest to your total amount.

Miche M.


+33 1 40 26 13 51



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