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Gourmetland Oriental Garden


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DO NOT GO!!! DO NOT WAIST YOUR MONEY!! Please DO NOT visit this so called oriental restaurant!! Both the service and food are really DISGUSTING! Besides, non of the dishes ordered is authentic. I never leave a review, but after having this horrible rubbish "dinner" I have to leave a review. The service is disrespectful, especially the manager's! Highly disrespectful to his clients and his personnel. We just got our seat and he already insist us to order, he is a hurry apparently. And he yells to his personnel. I asked for the bill several times, eventually I asked it to this "manager". He did not even look at me. The guy who brought the bill saw us (my husband and our two small kids) leaving this so called restaurant, walking towards us without saying one word.... The dinner was ruined. The worst thing is that I still have to feed my children who still want to eat after this visit to this horrible "restaurant", because we left the rubbish food...

C Tang


+34 922 79 65 44

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  • रविवार 11:00 - 23:30
  • सोमवार 11:00 - 23:30
  • मंगलवार 11:00 - 23:30
  • बुधवार 11:00 - 23:30
  • गुरूवार 11:00 - 23:30
  • शुक्रवार 11:00 - 23:30
  • शनिवार 11:00 - 23:30
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