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O Kostas


30 Minutes

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Wow. The souvlaki here is amazing. It is simple but so good! This is definitely a local place. The man working the grill will take your orders and the other person will give them to you. It may not be obvious to place your order, but don't be afraid to ask them. It is really busy, so be prepared to wait. Believe me, it's definitely worth it. Also, pay in cash. It's crazy cheap.

Paul Cray


+30 21 0322 8502

Opening hours

  • Monday 09:45 - 15:30
  • Tuesday 09:45 - 15:30
  • Wednesday 09:45 - 15:30
  • Thursday 09:45 - 15:30
  • Friday 09:45 - 15:30
  • Saturday 09:45 - 15:30
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