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Cișmigiu Park


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The Cișmigiu Gardens or Cișmigiu Park (Romanian: Grădinile Cișmigiu or Parcul Cișmigiu) are a public park near the center of Bucharest, Romania, spanning areas on all sides of an artificial lake. The gardens' creation was an important moment in the history of Bucharest. They form the oldest and, at 14.6 hectares (36 acres), the largest park in city's central area. The main entrance is from Queen Elisabeth Boulevard, in front of the General City Hall of the Municipality of Bucharest; there is another major entrance at the Știrbei Vodă Street, near the Crețulescu Palace. The southwestern corner of the park is adjacent to the Gheorghe Lazăr National College. The park attracts an average of 5,100 visitors on a weekend day.


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