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One of the locals we met at a local bakery told us we had to visit this place, and we are glad we did. She said it was an outdoor market but it’s way more than that. It’s about three or four glass buildings; by that I mean that the building are transparent from the outside and inside. Each building houses a bunch of stores adjacent to each other with walkways to get from one to another. Between the buildings, you have stalls where you can find the freshest of fruits and flowers. There’s also some food vendors parked outside. One of the buildings is a restaurant I believe. One can spend hours inside any of the buildings. They sell fresh juice, exotic meats, cheeses, spirits, beer, all kinds of food and pastries (Oh my God, the pastors are to die for!) Be prepared to spend a few hours here. Amazing place and a must visit joint in Copenhagen. Bless them Danes!

Arun Vishwanathan


+45 70 10 60 70



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