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Seitan limania beach

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Amazing. Absolutely amazing! Favourite spot in Crete. Completely 120% worth going. If there is only one beach you could go to it is this one. It's pristine, calm, and so so beautiful. Good for swimming, resting, and for floating in the water. Bring some goggles so you can see the fish swimming just below the surface, the sea urchins resting on the rock faces, and the odd little blue crab. BUT - be warned!! This is not for the faint of heart. As others have said, the drive down to the parking area has hairpin curves, and the hike down to the beach itself is treacherous. Definitely WEAR PROPER SHOES for hiking, and take the route that is on your right as you walk toward the beach. Also recommend lugging your things in a backpack and not a beach bag/hand bag so you're not worried about things getting caught on rocks or being thrown off balance. Enjoy!

Cecilia Gee

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