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Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

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The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Chinese: 萬佛寺; pinyin: wàn fó sì; Jyutping: maan6 fat6 zi6) is a mid-20th century Buddhist temple located in Sha Tin, Hong Kong, at 220 Pai Tau Village. Its designation as a monastery is actually a misnomer because there are no monks residing at the complex, which is managed solely by laypersons. Both the main temple building and the pagoda are listed as Grade III historic buildings by the Government of Hong Kong. Groundbreaking and construction of the temple began in 1951 under Yuet Kai and his followers, and the structure was finished six years later. It closed for three years at the end of the 20th century after one of its caretakers was killed in a mudslide caused by poorly-maintained slopes nearby. The main journey up to the monastery is an attraction itself, as the path is lined on both sides with golden Buddhas, each unique and in different poses. Despite the common translation of its name, the monastery actually contains nearly 13,000 Buddha statues.
  • YP Ho

    a month ago

    Not one for hot weather days but well worth seeing. The climb up to the monastery is not difficult, around 10 minutes for reasonably fit individuals, perhaps 20 minutes if one stops for photo taking and the odd breather. But I would not recommend it for a summer excursion unless one does it in the early morning or late afternoon. Being accompanied by the gilded statues and occasional monkey keeps things interesting. Great views at the top and the monastery compound is lovely.

  • Candice van Litsenborgh

    18 days ago

    The quirkiest temple I visited. Can be tricky to find your way. Same road as the Ikea and down a little alley way at the end of the road. There are no obvious sign posts. You'll know you're in the right place when you see the gold statues. There are a lot of stairs to climb but the entire staircase is lined with the most fantastic statues. Every one is worth viewing. And there are little bus stop seats along the way so you can take a break or two. There are several exquisite temples and the views are great at the top.

  • Justin Sytsma

    2 days ago

    Wonderful half-day trip while visiting Hong Kong. Fun place, sort of a quirky monastery. Is a bit of a climb, but with Buddha's lining the walkway. And you might see monkeys (I saw one). Easy to get to by train... and a bit of the city you might not otherwise see.

  • Remy Xo

    18 days ago

    A nice climb up the hillside to the temple at the top. The climb is adorned with golden statues all the way up and suprisingly no monkeys. Walkable distance from Sha tin station.

  • Katarina Solita Puškaš

    10 days ago

    Cool monastery, you can see monkeys here. Be careful not to take the wrong enterance! (Follow google maps!)