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Victoria Harbour

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Victoria Harbour is a natural landform harbour situated between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon in Hong Kong. The harbour's deep, sheltered waters and strategic location on the South China Sea were instrumental in Hong Kong's establishment as a British colony and its subsequent development as a trading centre. Throughout its history, the harbour has seen numerous reclamation projects undertaken on both shores, many of which have caused controversy in recent years. Environmental concerns have been expressed about the effects of these expansions, in terms of water quality and loss of natural habitat. It has also been proposed that benefits of land reclamation may be less than the effects of decreased harbour width, affecting the number of vessels passing through the harbour. Nonetheless Victoria Harbour still retains its founding role as a port for thousands of international vessels each year. The harbour is a major tourist attraction of Hong Kong. Lying in the middle of the territory's dense urban region, the harbour is the site of annual fireworks displays and its promenades are used as gathering places for tourists and residents.
  • Michael Ho

    3 months ago

    One of the most if not The most spectacular skyline in the world during the day, and it comes to life at night. The historic and iconic Star Ferry offers you views of both sides of the harbour. Beat the crowds and view the nightly (8pm) Symphony of Lights show from a Star Ferry operated night cruise in the middle of the harbour. Did that last week and it was fantastic, you see the lights on both sides.

  • Dave Beyer

    3 months ago

    Great view of both sides of the skylines of both islands. The Ferris wheel is non-operational, and most likely will remain so into the near future. The iconic Star Ferry is a cheap and fun way to cross the harbor!

  • win smallville

    10 days ago

    Harbor victoria is a very beautiful harbor spatial layout of the city and the architecture is amazing! the scenery here is very beautiful if the night time germerlap lights coloring the port of this city .. very fascinating!

  • Pratik Sayare

    a month ago

    Very nice place. Good view of hong kong. Clean and well maintained. Good infrastructure. Thanks for the services.

  • Byeongho Mun

    2 months ago

    It is a cool place to see the other side of hong kong. The scenery is beautiful and can see some fishermen trying to catch fish.