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Skaftafell / Vatnajökull National Park


2 Hours

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This place has such unbelievable beauty !! We were not prepared for how wonderful this hike would be. There are numerous trails of all different difficulty levels. We did S5 which involves hiking up past some waterfalls and then provides a great view of the glacier. The weather in late September was perfect and we found ourselves shedding layers as we got further and further up the trail. It is so nice to breathe such fresh air and be around lush greenery and constantly running fresh water. This is one of the top highlights of our 6 day trip along Southern Iceland and we would consider it a must-do as long as you like hiking. Plan to spend 1 to 4 hours here depending on which hike you choose. Parking is paid for by your license plate number. There is a nice cafe with vegetarian and vegan options. There is a tap to fill up water bottles for free. Enjoy !

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