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Sultanahmet Square

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I love the atmosphere day and night. Families gathered together making picnic, playing, laughing, buses going everywhere and trams as well. You have cash points and the tourist police 24/7. You can snack on some sweetcorn (5TL) or chestnuts (10TL to 30 TL) which are delicious. As you sit down to watch your environment, people selling water(1TL), tea or coffee will offer everyone for 3TL. One evening as I was sitting on a bench drinking tea, I was approached by a 25 year old man, he started to talk very respectfully so I didn't mind a conversation until he started to flirt. Perfect if that is what you are looking for. I have seen some Turkish guys pretending to be Spanish which I am, to a Korean tourist trying to take him for drinks. It was a bit strange and I would be careful. If you have any problems, talk to the police, present all over the square. Amazing restaurants offering homemade Turkish food for around 32TL (food, drink and bread). The restaurant is called Can. Other similar ones along the tram line.

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