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For other stations in Jerusalem, see Jerusalem Malha railway station and Jerusalem–Yitzhak Navon railway station.The Jerusalem railway station (Hebrew: תחנת הרכבת ירושלים‎, Tahanat HaRakevet Yerushalayim) is a historic railway station in Jerusalem, Israel, located between Hebron Road and Bethlehem Road, near the German Colony. It was part of the Jaffa–Jerusalem railway until its closure in 1998. When it was in operation it was also known as the Khan station for the old caravanserai building, now the Khan Theater, located across the road. The station opened in 1892 as a terminus of the Jaffa–Jerusalem line, at the 86.6 kilometer mark and an elevation of 787 metres (2,582 ft). In 1998 this railway along with the station were closed and the station was not included in the restoration of the Tel Aviv – Jerusalem line, completed in 2005. The station lay neglected for many years, although the railway yard was used for annual events such as Hebrew Book Week. After undergoing an extensive restoration, it reopened as a culture and entertainment center in May 2013.


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