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Gemstone Malta Ta' Qali Crafts Village

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We spent ages at the filigree workshop watching a real craftsman produce the most exquisite jewellery. We then, of course, purchased some of the beautiful jewellery at amazing prices. The jewellery is not only beautiful it is also very strong. My daughter then revisited to stock up on another day! We saw similar items of jewellery in other places on the island for much higher prices. It was lovely to buy directly from the crafts people themselves who were so kind and not pushy at all. I'm really glad that we went as we weren't sure if the craft village was going to be open as according to Google maps it looked permanently closed. I hope that someone can correct that information as genuine crafts people will be missing out. The bus dropped us off outside the jewellery workshop and picked us up from the same place. We also saw glass, olive wood and stone workshops. There were probably more to see but we needed to get in our way.

Suzanne Wakeley


+356 2141 5786

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  • Saturday 08:00 - 15:00
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