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A 20 minute overview of the history of Malta in a 5D environment. It is a fair place to start your understanding about Malta but being only 20 minutes they obviously can't go into detail. The 5D experience was a laugh and a fun bonus. It is fair to say that the auditorium did smell musty but that is to be expected if they're spraying water many times a day. Free drinks available for you to help yourself prior to the screening. Clean toilets. They advise not suitable for pregnant women or people with a bad back, however, there are seats which don't move. We got free tickets when we booked our holiday but I would have been disappointed if I'd have paid €45 for five people, I don't think that it was worth that. For children it was probably cheaper and they'd more than likely enjoy it. Don't miss taking photo of yourself as a knight opposite the drink station. Really helpful and friendly staff.

Suzanne Wakeley


+356 2735 5001



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