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Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci


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Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia "Leonardo da Vinci" in Milan is the largest science and technology museum in Italy, and is dedicated to Italian painter and scientist Leonardo da Vinci. It was opened on 5 February 1953 and inaugurated by the prime minister of Italy, Alcide De Gasperi.The museum, in the ancient monastery of San Vittore al Corpo in Milan, is divided into seven main departments: Materials Transport Energy (including Thermal power station Regina Margherita) Communication Leonardo da Vinci, Art & Science New Frontiers Science for young peopleEach of these departments have laboratories especially for children and young students. The Transport section is made up of four different parts: air, rail, water and Submarine Enrico Toti-S-506.


+39 02 485551



Opening hours

  • Sunday 09:30 - 18:30
  • Tuesday 09:30 - 17:30
  • Wednesday 09:30 - 17:30
  • Thursday 09:30 - 17:30
  • Friday 09:30 - 17:30
  • Saturday 09:30 - 18:30
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