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Alexander Garden

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Alexander Gardens (Russian: Александровский сад) was one of the first urban public parks in Moscow, Russia. The park comprises three separate gardens, which stretch along all the length of the western Kremlin wall for 865 metres (2,838 ft) between the building of the Moscow Manege and the Kremlin.
  • Alec Egan

    24 days ago

    100% must visit for anyone in Moscow as a visitor. Stunning views of the Kremlin where you can have a tactile experience of the red brick wall. Urban and modern blended with 16th century walls, earlier church domes and sheer Italian extravaganza of the design of the towers. Try not to miss!

  • Bill Angelos

    4 months ago

    I really like walking here. It's an amazing garden in the center of town where you can walk and relax and if you want see some unique parts of the city. I don't think a tourist will get as much from it as the locals or expats do as it doesn't have the same picture opportunity as St Basil's cathedral offers.

  • Anya Victoria Delgado

    23 days ago

    Beautiful place (specially if you come in a season different than Winter...).

  • Giuseppe Favale

    3 months ago

    Very nice park near the Kremlin. Very nice is the monument of the unknown soldier. A must visit place for tourists.

  • Adam Nott

    2 months ago

    Nice gardens, best for strolling through while in Red Square or at the Kremlin. Lots of food and coffee opportunities.