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Moskva River

2 Hours

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The Moskva River (, Moskva-reka) is a river of western Russia. It rises about 140 km (90 mi) west of Moscow, and flows roughly east through the Smolensk and Moscow Oblasts, passing through central Moscow. About 110 km (70 mi) south east of Moscow, at the city of Kolomna, it flows into the Oka River, itself a tributary of the Volga, which ultimately flows into the Caspian Sea.
  • Dorothy Ooko

    2 months ago

    Wonderful view of the Kremlin and other sights around. It's especially wonderful at night!

  • Henk Doornbos

    4 months ago

    With plenty of boat tour companies it's not hard to find one, most of them operate till 9pm. We started near kiyevsky railway station, the tour was 2 hours and costed around 12 euros. All the main spots of Moscow are covered by a boat trip; Gorky park, the Moscow kremlin, Moscow (business) city, several buildings out of the seven sisters of Stalin etc etc. highly recommend.

  • Ionut Tudor

    3 months ago

    Interesting, but not the best place for holidays

  • natalia kostrikova

    4 months ago

    Beautiful place.

  • sedat demir

    6 months ago

    boat tour