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Poklonnaya Hill

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Poklonnaya Gora (Russian: Покло́нная гора́, literally "bow-down hill"; metaphorically "Worshipful Submission Hill"') was, at 171.5 metres, one of the highest spots in Moscow. Its two summits used to be separated by the Setun River, until one of the summits was razed in 1987. Since 1936, the area has been part of Moscow and now contains the Victory Park with many tanks and other vehicles used in the Second World War on display. Historically, the hill had great strategic importance, as it commanded the best view of the Russian capital. Its name is derived from the Russian for "to bow down", as everyone approaching the capital from the west was expected to do homage here. During the French invasion of Russia in 1812, it was the spot where Napoleon in vain expected the keys to the Kremlin to be brought to him by Russians.
  • Darren Galindo

    6 months ago

    Epic and historic park! Make sure you visit here when you are in Moscow! The monuments are large and meaningful. The park celebrates various victories throughout history. There is a chilling Holocaust Memorial Sculpture here that you should definitely visit. There are restrooms all over the place, as well as a large play area for kids. Once you pass the main museum there are many scenic paths to walk on to reach other areas of the park. In springtime there are lots of colorful flowers and the trees are big and green. Come here with the whole family for the whole day. There are lots of food spots serving many classic Russian foods. Coffee shops and ice cream spots are also here. Being one of the highest points in Moscow the views are fantastic.

  • James McFarlane

    5 months ago

    This is the site of Victory Park, a memorial to the heroic Russian struggle in the second world war. The Museum itself is very good. There were some explanations of the exhibits in English but I would have liked to have seen more. I think that every visitor to Moscow should come here, learn about the war, and remember those who fought in it.

  • Ramakrishna V

    4 months ago

    Don’t go here when it’s too hot..it’s so spacious that you will feel the burn..

  • Otakar Konecny

    2 months ago

    Beautiful place...memories and respect👍👌💪

  • Medz Kitikun

    13 days ago

    Wow!!!!! Huge!! Very Masculine!!! Even in deep winter! It stands out very strong!!!!!