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Williamsburg Bridge

Point Of Interest

30 Minutes

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The bridge offers great panoramic views of New York City and is a really nice walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn. It’s open 24/7 (of course except during times of construction) and offers really beautiful views of the city during any time of the day, especially during sunrise or sunset when the sun peeks through the NYC skyline or at night when the skyline is all lit up from the lights of all the buildings of the city. You can see both views of Brooklyn and Manhattan, so that’s nice as well. Though it’s nice for a leisurely walk, when the weather gets warmer, the walkway is pretty crowded with people, since it is shared between walkers and cyclers, so it is not that enjoyable and favorable for a walk during that time. In the same way, the bridge has a pretty high elevation, so it gets fairly cold during the winter and the beginning of spring. But the bridge is still a great opportunity for photos at any time of the day or year!

Ayla Kim


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