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Luxembourg Palace

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The Luxembourg Palace (French: Palais du Luxembourg, pronounced [pa.lɛ dy lyk.sɑ̃.buːʁ]) is located at 15 rue de Vaugirard in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. It was originally built (1615–1645) to the designs of the French architect Salomon de Brosse to be the royal residence of the regent Marie de' Medici, mother of Louis XIII of France. After the Revolution it was refashioned (1799–1805) by Jean Chalgrin into a legislative building and subsequently greatly enlarged and remodeled (1835–1856) by Alphonse de Gisors. Since 1958 it has been the seat of the French Senate of the Fifth Republic. Immediately west of the palace on the rue de Vaugirard is the Petit Luxembourg, now the residence of the Senate President; and slightly further west, the Musée du Luxembourg, in the former orangery. On the south side of the palace, the formal Luxembourg Garden presents a 25-hectare green parterre of gravel and lawn populated with statues and large basins of water where children sail model boats.
  • Raul Low

    2 months ago

    Long queue. But it's free on European heritage day. I side decoration is magnificent and luxury. Visit the library

  • Victoria G

    a month ago

    Beautiful place to relax. The grounds are extremely well maintained.

  • Chi-An Wu

    2 months ago

    Just a normal garden, nothing special, good for local to hangout, but if you are tourist, you can skip this place and go to 100 other more exciting place in Paris

  • Robert Whelan

    4 months ago

    The park is stunning. Escape from the city but still inside. Lovely for kids, reading books, little boats for kids to hire €4 to play with in the pond.

  • William Stevenson

    4 months ago

    Incredible outdoor experience. Buy a sandwich and relax on the grass with a bottle of wine. Couldn't have had a better afternoon.