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Ovda Airport

2 Hours

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Ovda Airport (Hebrew: נְמַל הַתְּעוּפָה עֻבְדָּה‎, Nemal HaTe'ufa Uvda; Arabic: مطار عوفدا‎) (IATA: VDA, ICAO: LLOV) is a military air base and civilian airport in the Uvda region of southern Israel, about 60 km (37 mi) north of the city of Eilat. It is the country's second international airport. Ovda was originally built as a military airport in 1980 following Israel's withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula as part of the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty because the Israeli Air Force needed alternative airfields to its Sinai bases. Nowadays, in addition to Air Force traffic, the airport also serves as the destination for many commercial flights to Eilat, especially for large aircraft which cannot use the shorter runway and limited apron space at Eilat Airport. The airport is expected to cease civilian flights once Eilat's new international airport in Timna opens.
  • Samuel Durovcik

    a month ago

    THEY DON'T STAMP ANYMORE AND YOU CAN TAKE AS MUCH LIQUIDS AS YOU LIKE! I think they might have overhauled the airport since the last season - the checks both into and out of Israel were very simple, probably simpler and quicker than in Ben Gurion. The staff were all quite professional and I didn't notice any shouting - the checks were standard as in all of Israel, I had a very thorough check, but it was quick and not unreasonably invasive. There's a free drinking water fountain and a nice place to lay down and relax. All in all not as bad as last year it seems.

  • Attila Balog

    11 days ago

    Nice place to relax during waiting and free cold drinking water. Recommended to arrive 3 hours before flying.

  • Razvan Mustata

    a month ago

    Security agents took my luggage and stole my sunglasses, earphones and phone charger. I mean.... what's this? At the arrival the sunglasses and the earphones were gone after they took my luggage and "invited" me to a private security room. Same thing happened at the departure, same room, this time my charger was missing, among other small things. Shame on you all for this kinda north korean way of dealing with tourists. I do no advise anyone to go there. Robbers, that what they are. Such a shame, these people are creating a false image of the state of Israel. Shame on you all!

  • Miroslav Kralcak

    7 days ago

    Really bad airport. you have to spend 2+ hours on security checks . 7 of them !!! They love to put stickers on your bag and scan them all the time. they treat you like you are a terrorist and you need. Come at least 3 hours before your flight. Male toilet with long queues as only one urinal working. Very far from eilat (60KM). Positives: mostly girls working at the airport and you can go throught the checks with water and there is free wifi and free cold water fountain.

  • Rafael Dauth

    21 days ago

    Apparently the staff is not used to 3 international flights within an hour and consequently departure proceedings were terrible. Chaotic and rude behaviour created a mess that almost led to a departure delay of two and a half hours, luckily the Captain negotiated a new slot...arrival was ok. Still ridicolous that they meticulously searched our stuff on departure but ignored us on arrival...