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Food was very good. No problem with the quality and presentation. That was superb. So why the one star only? That pretentious "vegan" approach everybody hates vegans and veganism for. And don't get me wrong, I am a staunch vegan myself albeit not necessarily just raw. But what I experienced upon my departure was unfortunate. When leaving quite happy with the food and service, I had the audacity to ask casually if they do delivery, too. The chef gave me this holier-than-thou look and with a pretty arrogant attitude and a smirk he told me "No". That arrogance put me off quite a bit as this place isn't exactly in my neighborhood and I was definitely planning on ordering a take out via damejidlo.cz in the future. Quite baffled by this approach, I asked why not, to which he just replied "We don't want to go that route". Again smirking amusedly, almost rolling eyes at the stupidity of my question. I didn't ask any more, but in my interpretation that meant "we (the better than you people, understand that means vegans) don't want to go 'that route' of mainstream, repulsive, ignorant, meat- and not raw-eating majority of the ordinary restaurants. We are so much more better, that our raw food is too good to be transported around the city to other vegan customers. If those of you who don't have the time to visit us at our location, you are then simply not worthy, and we are not interested to serve you." That's how I read this awkward little exchange between us. It's a shame because this antagonizing attitude really ruined my entire experience. It's also very anti-business. What if I liked their food so much I wanted to hire them to cater a 16 people dinner party at my place. "Nah, thanks, but WE don't deliver. See, we are not going 'that route'. " Btw, the restaurant is very tiny and mainly equipped with a cheap shabby garden furniture with planks so wide apart anything small you put on your shaky little table falls through! Yes, we're talking a garden furniture indoors! I don't see why delivery would harm their food when it's all done from raw ingredients in a blender, at least as I reckoned. When I ordered a soup and an Indian curry dish, for both I heard a heavy duty blender noises coming from the kitchen. If a restaurant's approach is "our food is too precious to be delivered and therefore we're not interested in business from deliveries", I'm losing interest in visiting that restaurant whatsoever. Simples! Moreover, the place was dead empty, I was the only one eating there! You'd think a little help with the business in the form of take outs would've been welcomed by them. And btw, I'm writing this review while eating a delicious vegan food delivered to me from some other vegan restaurant. Yes, they "went that route" and they got the business! Ha!



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