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St Nedelya Church

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St. Nedelya Church () is an Eastern Orthodox church in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, a cathedral of the Sofia bishopric of the Bulgarian Patriarchate. Sveta Nedelya is a medieval church that has suffered destruction through the ages and has been reconstructed many times. The present building of the temple is among the landmarks of Sofia. It was designed by the famous Bulgarian architectural team Vasilyov-Tsolov.
  • Matthew Vincent

    18 days ago

    Exquisite frescoes, and fabulous golden Altair screen. You can clearly see the half they've restored, with its vibrant blues, compared to the half they've not yet touched, which has a visible black layer, and looks dull in comparison. Well worth a visit.

  • Predrag Popovic

    2 months ago

    St king Milutin The Holy and Pious Milutin, King of Serbia The Holy and Pious King Milutin was the son of Uro I and Queen Helena and brother of Dragutin. He fought many battles defending his Faith and his people. He fought against Emperor Michael Palaeologus because Palaeologus accepted union with Rome and tried to force the Balkan peoples and the monks of Athos to recognize the pope. He fought against Shishman, King of Bulgaria, and Nogai, King of the Tartars, in order to defend his lands. All his wars were successful, for he constantly prayed to God and hoped in God. He built more than forty churches: beside those that he built in his own land-Treskavac, Graèanica, St. George in Nagoriè, the Church of the Holy Theotokos in Skoplje, Banjska and so forth-he also built churches outside of his land, in Thessalonica, Sofia, Constantinople, Jerusalem and the Holy Mountain. He entered into rest in the Lord on October 29, 1320. His body was soon shown to be incorrupt and miracle-working; and as such, it reposes even today in the Church of the Holy King in Sofia, Bulgaria. Holy Serbian King Milutin - Stefan Uroš II ( 1253-1321) Monastery Banjska in Kosovo of Serbia -Endowment for eternal residence The Battle of Gallipoli was fought in 1312 year, between the Byzantine Empire, Serbian Kingdom - led King Milutin and Republic of Genoa against Turks led by Halil Pasha. Battle against Tatars 1295 year

  • vesely julius

    2 months ago

    Enterance fee 5Lv. Beutiful church with many people.

  • Rachel Allen

    2 months ago

    A stunning cathedral in the heart of Sofia. There was an enchanting service being given when I was there.

  • Henry Allum

    5 months ago

    A beautiful cathedral in the heart of Sofia. Well worth a visit!