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Monument to the Soviet Army, Sofia

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The Monument to the Soviet Army (Bulgarian: Паметник на Съветската армия, Pametnik na Savetskata armia) is a monument located in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. There is a large park around the statue and the surrounding areas. It is a popular place where many young people gather. The monument is located on Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard, near Orlov Most and the Sofia University. It portrays a soldier from the Soviet Army as a freedom fighter, surrounded by a Bulgarian woman, holding her baby, and a Bulgarian man. There are other, secondary sculptural composition parts of the memorial complex around the main monument, like the group of soldiers which were used as a canvas by political artists. The monument was built in 1954 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the liberation by the Soviet Army, which is the Russian interpretation of the complex Military history of Bulgaria during World War II.
  • Rost Gruner

    a year ago

    although I a have a mix feelings about the soviet union, the monument is nice

  • Soviet Union

    9 months ago

    The Soviet Union liberated Sofia, Bulgaria to free it from German Facists. I respect the Soviet Union for that.

  • Antonio Buonadonna

    a year ago

    A Powerful and ambigous Monument that you have to visit to get a right knowledge about the controversial past of the city and also of the nation, during the soviet time. I suggest to visit this place and other footprints made during soviet time with the support of the guides from the "Communist Tour". You could get some curious info about this monument; for example, that the bulgarian government has not the ownership of it but it still remains a property of russian federation.

  • Valward Sellum

    a year ago

    A monument for a dictatorship... millions died and millions suffered because of communism and they have a monument for the army which started WWII. They should move it in the socials museum together with all the artifacts from the past (Muzey na sotsialisticheskoto izkustvo)

  • Apurbalal Senapati

    a year ago

    Monument of the Soviet Army ... place is full of fun in evening ... scatting ... song ... dance ...