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Sofia Airport (IATA: SOF, ICAO: LBSF) (Bulgarian: Летище София, Letishte Sofiya) is the main international airport of Bulgaria located 10 km (6.2 mi) east from the centre of the capital city Sofia. In 2015 the airport surpassed 4 million passengers for the first time and handled a total of 4,088,943 passengers, a 7.2% increase compared to 3,815,158 passengers handled in 2014. In 2016, the number rose to almost 5 million passengers. The airport serves as the home base for BH Air, Bulgaria Air, and Bulgarian Air Charter and as a base for both Ryanair and Wizz Air. The Vrazhdebna Air Base of the Bulgarian Air Force is also located at the airport.
  • Ivan Atanasov

    a month ago

    This is one of the few European Airports that is easily accessible (Its not far from the city and can be reached by public transport. The subway/underground ticket to the airport cost less then 1 Euro!! Nearly every week I commute to Berlin via Sofia airport and I my impressions are relatively positive. IF you are flying with a LOW COST company you will be boarding from the old terminal, which indeed is small and not so modern. I have lived in America for a few year and I noticed that most of the airport terminals for short-middle range flights are as good as the Sofia airport. The new terminal is in good condition, cleaned regularly and due to good organization, the ques are not so long.

  • Filip Sedefov

    a month ago

    Terrible organisation. The airport is unable to handle the negligible amount of passengers that pass through it (there are only 2 security checkpoints for all passengers). Waiting times are ridiculous. If there is more than 1 flight leaving within the same hour, I would suggest you get there 3 hours early. International Airport? No way.

  • Marty Mitev

    3 months ago

    Terminal 2 is more modern and good looking but sometimes staff is too rude and "bored of life" so they don't know why they work. Cleaning is not the best of its standards and if the airport wants to be leading in the Balkans it should improve it. At passport control there aren't any lines so people queue however they want. Sometimes it gets very crowded and messed there. Don't to forget that the border agent doesn't say anything to you. They just give you your passport and tell someone else to come. I find this is very unfriendly. However the terminal is small and you can check your bag , pass trough security and go to your gate in under 45 minutes. As the airport is small there aren't any major delays and traffic on the tarmac isn't at all heavy to delay your flight. Overall I would give the airport 3 stars.

  • Jacky Vauhan

    7 days ago

    Yes is is easy to access airpot by the metro system but airpot itself is very small and staff is very unprofessional and rud to the passengers. The organization of the airpot is so poor that you have to wait in very long boring queues.

  • Terry Doyle

    3 months ago

    I traveled to Sofia in early July. I found the airport experience to be "interesting" to say the least. First, our arrival was right on time. We went to get our luggage at a rather outdated but working luggage claim area and as luck would have it our bags were among the first off the plane. So good news: no lost bags! We then proceeded to the passport check/customs area. I looked at the signs, noted choices for EU travelers and for "All other passports". Traveling on US passports we got into the line for "All other passports". After waiting in line for about 15 minutes I got to the counter and was told by the agent at the counter, "You in wrong line!" I said, "Oh, I'm sorry! I thought it said "All other passports". She replied, "Sign is not lit up!" Apparently the 5 watt bulb behind the specific "All other passports" line on the sign was not on. I said "Sorry! Where should I go?" She responded, "NO! Okay this time!", stamped my passport and off I went. No questions, no "why are you here" or "how long are you staying", and away I went. Meanwhile my wife was asked several questions after also being informed of being in the wrong line (maybe she doesn't possess my level of charm!), but she got thru rather quickly and now off to the customs desk. Customs was unmanned...yep...not a person there, so off into the terminal we went. I could have had a trunk full of ivory or a live hippo but since there was no one to check.... The terminal is outdated and very basic. There are some shops, though very few, and a couple of money exchange spots. One of them had posted exchange rates that were....shall we say....very much in favor of the folks running the business? Still, overall the terminal reminded me of those encountered in smaller US cities....except for the bathrooms. The one I used might not have been cleaned since the fall of Communism. So now we waited for our host, a native of Bulgaria. He arrived to pick us up and after our greetings we headed to his car parked in the parking structure. BTW, the parking structure is in need of repair, with concrete having fallen off sections of the walls and ceiling, and what could almost pass for potholes in portions of the floor. On the way, our host fed his parking ticket into the machine and was told he owed nothing due to his short stay in the structure. So we loaded our luggage and drove off. When we got to the gate, he fed the ticket into the ticket scanner and was told he DID owe money. He waved down an attendant who basically told him, "Nothing I can do. You need to go BACK to the terminal, pay at the machine and get a validated ticket". So we turned around, headed back against traffic in the single exit lane, he paid, got the ticket validated, and on round 2 we were able to exit the airport. Don't take this as a knock against Bulgaria. It's not! We had a great time, the country is beautiful, the people were very friendly, and yes...I'd go again. Just beware that the Sofia Airport is in need of some real updating: bureaucracy included.