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Ryogoku Kokugikan


2 Hours

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After watching the last few tournaments and becoming a new sumo fan I was never going to come to Japan and not watch a day of matches. I was wondering if was going to be as good live as it is watching online and it did not disappoint, it was way better. The atmosphere was incredible, from people yelling out their favourite wrestlers name to the huge rounds of applause when the big boys of the top division make their entrance, it was an amazing experience. Even if you’re not a sumo fan it’s definitely a must do experience if there’s a tournament on while you’re visiting. Tickets can be bought on the day but you’ve gotta get in early as there’s only a limited amount (around 400) Ticket booth opens at 7:45am but I got there at 6am and was ticket number 66 and there was a line about 300 deep by 7am.

Lance Anderson


+81 3-3623-5111


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