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Shinjuku Omoide Yokochō


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Omoide Yokocho dates back to post-war Tokyo where street vendors and black market traders set up shop. It was a den. Dangerous and rundown, it was the seedy mix of debauchery, before a fire finally destroyed the area. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a new Omoide Yokocho emerged. Friendlier, safer while maintaining its historical roots and still filled with restaurants, it was perfect that I made my way here while my stomach was still empty waiting to be filled. But this is not a place for fine elegance. It’s gritty and the smoke and noise could put you off. But I absolutely love the charm of the area and I’m sure all the grit disappears with sake. I love it. I followed my nose into a yakitori bar in Omoide Yokocho. Small, tiny with limited counter top space and local Japanese dining inside, I struggle with my broken Japanese and sign language to order one of the best dinners I had in Tokyo. I don’t even know what this restaurant is called.

Jui Hong Teoh

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