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Drake One Fifty


2 Hours

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The ambiance, decor, and cocktail menus were impressive and made for a wonderfully casual, but tasteful dinner. The Drake Fries I ordered were well-seasoned and not overly oily. My cappuccino was nothing to write home about, but didn't necessarily disappoint. I did not, however, like the pushy waiters and waitresses that kept interrupting my friend and I, asking us to order more. A restaurant and bar of this sort is supposed to be conducive to lounging and conversation. Consequently, I did not enjoy the pressure that was constantly exerted on us by the staff.

Siddharth Singh


+1 416-363-6150



Opening hours

  • Sunday 11:00 - 22:00
  • Monday 11:30 - 24:00
  • Tuesday 11:30 - 24:00
  • Wednesday 11:30 - 24:00
  • Thursday 11:30 - 02:00
  • Friday 11:30 - 02:00
  • Saturday 11:00 - 02:00