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  • Dhiresh Mistry

    a month ago

    The Warsaw Barbican is a barbican in Warsaw, Poland, and one of few remaining relics of the complex network of historic fortifications that once encircled Warsaw. Located between the Old and New Towns, it is a major tourist attraction

  • Gargio 76

    3 months ago

    Remains of medieval fortifications in defense of the original center of Warsaw, have recently been rebuilt and, although fake, have a pleasant walk close to the historic center, which runs beside a garden maintained very well. In the evening the doors are illuminated with funny plays of colored light. @gargio76

  • John Santilli

    23 days ago

    A must-see for anyone going to Poland as a historic site. Great restaurants for tourists.

  • Dorota Wernik

    2 months ago

    Old city walls look really impressive. The nice thing is that you can stroll on them.

  • Emiddio Sarpietro

    2 months ago

    The most secure part of Warsaw against medieval invaders!