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Łazienki Park

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Łazienki Park (Polish: Park Łazienkowski or Łazienki Królewskie: "Baths Park" or "Royal Baths"; also rendered "Royal Baths Park") is the largest park in Warsaw, Poland, occupying 76 hectares of the city center. The park-and-palace complex lies in Warsaw's central district (Śródmieście) on Ujazdów Avenue, which is part of the "Royal Route" linking the Royal Castle with Wilanów Palace to the south. North of Łazienki Park, on the other side of Agrykola Street, stands Ujazdów Castle. Originally designed in the 17th century as a baths park (hence the name) for nobleman Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski, in the 18th century Łazienki was transformed by Poland's King Stanisław August into a setting for palaces, villas, classicist follies, and monuments. In 1918 it was officially designated a public park. Łazienki is visited by tourists from all over Poland and the world, and serves as a venue for music, the arts, and culture. The park is also home to peacocks and a large number of squirrels.
  • Anayeli Mejía T.

    19 days ago

    Really beautiful place to take a walk, to run and even to use your bicycle. Also an ideal place to relax, be with family and enjoy. Has a lot of nature, but be ware of the squirrels, they will ask for food and approach you. Accessible by public transport, bus stations and tram really close. Is just wonderful, and the most important park of Warsaw. Must go.

  • Drew Miguel

    13 days ago

    Very pretty park both in the thick of summer to sunbathe as well as for a beautiful stroll during a light snow. If you have a free afternoon while traveling this is a good place to visit, maybe even take a ride through the pond on a romantic boat ride.

  • rob fairley

    8 days ago

    Quite simply one of the most beautiful parks in the world. Super free and very popular Chopin concerts in summer. Many nice places to have a picnic.

  • 김광영

    9 days ago

    a huge park and very very very nice. this park impressed me :) and you can see animals. Poland is very beautiful country. i recommend to visit here!

  • Jason Gant

    9 days ago

    A decent haul away from the tourist heart of Warsaw without a whole lot else nearby. The park itself is fantastic in the summertime. We were warned by locals that the neighborhoods surrounding the park can be dangerous. My travel suggestion would be to Uber straight there for a 2-hour stroll then Uber straight back across the bridge.