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Palace of Culture and Science

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Palace of Culture and Science (Polish: Pałac Kultury i Nauki; abbreviated PKiN) is a notable high-rise building in Warsaw, Poland. Constructed in 1955, it is the center for various companies, public institutions and cultural activities such as concerts, cinemas, theaters, libraries, sports clubs, universities, scientific institutions and authorities of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Motivated by Polish historicism and American art deco high-rise buildings, the PKiN was designed by Soviet architect Lev Rudnev in "Seven Sisters" style and is informally referred to as the Eighth Sister. The Palace of Culture and Science is the tallest building in Poland, the eighth-tallest building in the European Union and one of the tallest on the European continent. It is 237 metres (778 ft) tall, including the structural 43-metre-high (141 ft) spire.
  • York Red

    21 days ago

    Immense building, inspired by the Empire State so that's what we referred to it as during our stay. Has a real 30s feel to it. Has a cinema and exhibitions inside and we were pleasantly surprised to find it has a viewing gallery up top. 20 zloty to ride the lift (that's about 4 quid) and spend as much time as you like up there taking in views of the city.

  • Twan Fransen

    6 days ago

    Beautiful place to visit when you are in Warsaw. It's in the middle of the modern city centre near a shopping mall and the central railway station. When you are there, take the time to go up to the observation deck and enjoy the incredible 360° view of the Warsaw skyline... Enjoy!!

  • Faisal Reza

    20 days ago

    Fairly small museum. It's all in polish, no translations but you get the jist of it. For the price it's worth it and there are some good fossils and specimens to see. Will take less than an hour to see it all

  • Riccardo Amante

    a month ago

    Amazing place. So hug and dominant on the city. From the top you can see all the city, on every side. Wonderful. It's really high. You can buy souvenirs

  • Em EmM

    19 days ago

    Best price for movie tickets in Warsaw and it is not crowded as all other multiplex theaters. If you can get the movie you like it is a no brainier choice. Recommend it.