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Royal Castle, Warsaw

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The Royal Castle in Warsaw (Polish: Zamek Królewski w Warszawie) is a castle residency that formerly served throughout the centuries as the official residence of the Polish monarchs. It is located in the Castle Square, at the entrance to the Warsaw Old Town. The personal offices of the king and the administrative offices of the Royal Court of Poland were located there from the sixteenth century until the Partitions of Poland. Initially the complex served as the residence of the Dukes of Masovia, and since the sixteenth century, the seat of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: the King and Parliament (Chamber of Deputies and Senate). In its long history the Royal Castle was repeatedly plundered and devastated by the invading Swedish, Brandenburgian, Prussian and Tsarist armies. The Constitution of 3 May 1791, the first of its type in Europe and the world's second-oldest codified national constitution after the 1789 U.S. Constitution, was drafted here by the Four-Year Sejm. In the 19th century, after the collapse of the November Uprising, it was used as an administrative centre by the Tsar and was re-designed for the needs of the Imperial Russian administration. During the course of World War I it was the residence of the German Governor-General. In 1920-1922 the Royal Castle was the seat of the Polish Head of State and between 1926 and World War II the building was the residence of the Polish president, Ignacy Mościcki. Burned and looted by the Nazi Germans following the Invasion of Poland in 1939 and almost completely destroyed in 1944 after the failed Warsaw Uprising, the Castle was completely rebuilt and reconstructed; in 1965 the surviving fragments of the castle and the Royal Library, the adjacent Copper-Roof Palace and the Kubicki Arcades were registered as historical monuments by the government. Reconstruction of the castle carried out in 1971-1984 was led by the Civic Committee, responsible for the reconstruction of Warsaw. It was afforded by mainly US donations. In 1980, the Royal Castle, together with the Old Town was registered as a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today it is a historical and national monument, and is listed as a national museum visited by over 500,000 people every year. The Royal Castle, due to its iconic appearance and its long history, is one of Warsaw's most recognizable landmarks.
  • Thiên Hương Cái Ngọc

    12 days ago

    A historical place that you must visit in Warsaw. You also must try their traditional cake with cinnamon and sugar in a small shop next to the Castle. There are 2 of them but I try the one with small window and it is very tasty.

  • Mohamed Salah

    10 days ago

    The royal castle in warsaw one of the best places you can Visit in Poland The museum amazing with everything content and every inch you can smell the history , you can spend whole day there without any bored Your can bring kids , family and enjoy the Also the place perfect for photo session and people who like photography

  • Debbie Grimston

    4 days ago

    Fantastic place, a few more direction type signs would help as far as getting around the building is concerned but the art works and interiors are stunning

  • Uncle Davey

    7 days ago

    It's being restored right now, but normally this is a five star site

  • Alex Junicov Ginting

    10 days ago

    located in the old town, this royal castle must be visited if you come to warsawa. the ticket price was around 8 euro. EU student card will get discount. unfortunately, camera is not allowed. you need to pay more to use your camera