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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Warsaw)

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The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Polish: Grób Nieznanego Żołnierza) is a monument in Warsaw, Poland, dedicated to the unknown soldiers who have given their lives for Poland. It is one of many such national tombs of unknowns that were erected after World War I, and the most important such monument in Poland. The monument, located at Piłsudski Square, is the only surviving part of the Saxon Palace that occupied the spot until World War II. Since 2 November 1925 the tomb houses the unidentified body of a young soldier who fell during the Defence of Lwów. Since then, earth from numerous battlefields where Polish soldiers have fought has been added to the urns housed in the surviving pillars of the Saxon Palace. The Tomb is constantly lit by an eternal flame and assisted by a guard post by the Representative Company of the Polish Army. It is there that most official military commemorations take place in Poland and where foreign representatives lay wreaths when visiting Poland. The changing of the guard takes place on the hour of every hour daily and this happens 365 days a year.
  • Sergej Nicolaisen

    6 months ago

    This monument goes to show that the Polish people have a lot of respect for their military. The sombre ambiance at the memorial cannot be replicated without being there. Recommended when in Warsaw.

  • Dhiresh Mistry

    a month ago

    Feel so respectful visiting such place, very well decorated and guarded place.

  • Hawre Ahmed

    7 months ago

    Poland people respect thier brave soldiers who have died for thier country, i can see that because of this (tomb of the unknown soldier)

  • John Doe

    a year ago

    Absolutely magic place. You simply can feel this magical yet very sad aura made of souls of soldiers who fought and died for Poland. A must-see place in Warsaw. Hint: wait till the nearest hour and see the guards change.

  • Didier Cambier

    a year ago

    Very nice place. Charged of history. Nice at night with lighting on the square. Right in front of Novotel