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After detecting the pleasant aroma, we found the fragrance too alluring, and warm popcorn on a frigidly cold day was too irresistible that we inevitably make the spontaneous decision to must come back here. I was so surprised watching the line of customers, which I believed consisted of at least more than 40 people, standing outside of the store on a Saturday afternoon. A very famous place in Chicago, I supposed. Thus, to avoid the busy time, we visited the store at around 7:30 p.m as there was not a single line and we were the only customers at that moment. For the popcorn, I would say it was the best my friends, and I have ever tried. There were various flavors: Cheese, Plain, Chocolate, Buttery, and Caramel w/ Pecans or Cashews or Almonds. The corn was crisp, of very high quality, and thick texture. I personally think the best flavor here, which was not too sweet but flavorful, was Caramel w/ Nuts. Just dulcet and delectable.

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