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Frida marina


30 Минут

Расчетное время

A lovely flea market with nice selection of all sort of clothing and accessories. Presentation of the various things is made professionally like in a store of this kind usually are expected. I really enjoyed their presentation effort. It looks really professional and beautiful. Even thought this is a flea market but it lookalike modern store of similar kind of merchandise. Prices varied quite much because individual sellers choose their own prices so it's possible to make really good findings here. Atmosphere is cozy and relaxed. Service was grand so nothing to complain here really. Sometimes it's a bit crowded here so it's getting a bit hard to move here but most of the times it's really enjoyable to wander around this establishment and impulse buy things you most likely don't need or even have space for. That's the idea of this place - and my wallet is crying. So overall I strongly recommend to visit here. There's way too much super good looking things to buy and I had no money to spend which caused mental instability and sad face. So be warned if you visit here. This is just too good place for loosing money.

Henry Söderlund


+358 50 3810418



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