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Don’t trust the promoters, especially for nighttime entry and bottle service. I was part of a group of 9 (6 beautiful women and 3 guys). One of our girls was contacted on IG by the promoter and promised that we would have free entry and would get a free bottle if we came, and that our group of 6 girls and 3 guys was OK. I figured that there must be some kind of catch, but nonetheless that is what the promoter told her, and even confirmed when she emphasized that we have 3 guys in our group. When we showed up to the club, however, the club tried its very hardest to separate our group so that only the girls would get in. They did this by telling us it would be $500 minimum for our group. We would have agreed to it if we hadn’t caught on to the sleazy deceptive game they were playing. I asked the promoter how much each bottle was and he said $450. You catching on yet? To hit the $500 you essentially have to buy 2 bottles ($900 for their cheapest liquor). Now, our group had just spent $1,200 the night before at a different club, so the money wasn’t the issue. But the tactics this club used to try to convince our females to abandon the men in our group for “free drinks” ( I’m sure at the expense of having to flirt with some old dude or something) were downright sleazy. I can’t speak for daytime operations at this venue, but stay far away from them at night and don’t trust the promoters. Calling the employees of this club sleazy used car salesmen like the the Dad in the movie Matilda would be a compliment! They treat men like second class citizens and take advantage of women who fall for their tactics, which is ironic because their source of revenue could have come from the men in our group. Had they simply been upfront about the deal, we would have considered it. Be forewarned and stay away from this place.

Tim Noordewier


+1 305-455-2990

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