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Zoo Tenerife Monkey Park

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Amazing experience, especially considering the price. Me and my girlfriend (both 19 years old) paid €10 each for adult ticket and got food for the animals for €3. It’s called monkey park but there are honestly so many more animals there, I’d say the guinea pigs were the most fun as you could interact with them the most but we also loved the monkeys. Most of the monkeys are in cages but if you put food on your hand they tend to put their hands through their cages to take it off yours so they can eat it (which is a great experience and really cute). They also take a really nice photo of you with some parrots before you go into the main zoo area, I believe the photo was €8 but it was really worth it, best photo of our holiday. There are also lizards which you can touch which is really fun along with a turtle that you can also interact with. There are a lot of parrots which repeat what you say sometimes which is great fun and you get to walk into a enclosure with birds. Overall, I would really recommend this place, especially on a cloudy day when you can’t go on the beach. We spent around 2 hours there, maybe a bit more. Great experience and a lot of fun for animal lovers.

Alex Kozlowski


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